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Heating Services

Heating Services

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Heating Repairs

Our heating technicians are the first choice for local, expert heating system repairs. When it comes to the nagging issues that plague old, inefficient systems or the newer quirks that stop a high-efficiency system from operating properly- we’re The Company You Count On.

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Heating System Repairs

Heating and Cooling Repairs

Our heating and cooling service company has been serving Brooklyn for over 30 years. In more than three decades as an HVAC contractor, we have earned a reputation for outstanding heating and cooling services you can trust. Our HVAC company provides customized heating, cooling and indoor air quality solutions to fit the needs of each individual client. The highly trained staff of our heating and cooling company is here to answer your questions, handle your concerns and provide advice about the latest energy efficient home heating and cooling products.

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Heating and Cooling Services in Prospect Park Brooklyn

Boiler Repairs

With the cold temperatures and snow in the area, you need to make sure your boiler is in good operating condition. We specialize in providing Brooklyn with boiler repairs to individuals located throughout Prospect Park and the surrounding areas. This is especially true if your boiler breaks down on the coldest winter days. We take great pride in completing all repairs as quickly as possible so you can count on your home being warm all hours of the day and night.

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Boiler Service company in Prospect Park Brooklyn

Furnace Repairs

We understand that furnace repair can be a little stressful. After all, they’re among the few things safeguarding us from the brutal cold, harsh winds, and completely unpredictable climate swings. If your furnace has been acting up, or if your heating bills are simply getting out of control, it might be time to evaluate your furnace. We can help you with our furnace repair services to get your heating back on track.

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Furnace Services in Prospect Park Brooklyn

Tankless Boiler Repairs

Tankless Boiler technology provides up to 0.99 Energy Factor. These extremely efficient and eco-friendly units provide extra energy savings over traditional tank and non-condensing tankless boilers. The primary condensing stainless steel heat exchangers recover extra heat that would be lost in non-condensing tankless heaters. That keeps exhaust temperatures very low—so low that economical Schedule 40 PVC pipe can be used for venting in almost all applications. Condensing tankless systems are ideal for replacement of less efficient tank systems as well as for new construction. They utilizes an ultra-efficient condensing technology, which uses less gas resulting in a significant reduction of green gas emissions – better for you, better for the environment.

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Tankless Boiler Services in Prospect Park Brooklyn